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HH200F Hybrid Tower

Introducing the HH200F Wind Turbine Concrete, a monumental leap in wind energy infrastructure. This turbine's concrete base sets a new standard for strength and durability, ensuring long-term stability in diverse climatic conditions. Its design focuses on maximizing energy capture through advanced aerodynamics, making it a powerhouse of efficiency. The HH200F is an emblem of sustainable engineering, offering a greener, more resilient solution for meeting the world's increasing energy demands.

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wind turbine concrete foundations

HH200F Concrete Wind Turbine Parameters

Hub Height120m140m150m160m170m170m200m
Height of the Concrete section116.9m110.5m110.5m156m136m136m176.4m
Height of the Steel section/26.04m40.09m/32m32m21.6m
Diameter of the Concrete Foundation7820mm8620mm8620mm8620mm12150mm10681mm13500mm

Features of HH200F Wind Turbine Concrete

Advanced Aerodynamic Profile: The HH200F wind turbine concrete tower boasts an advanced aerodynamic profile, reducing drag and optimizing wind flow around the structure for enhanced energy capture and operational efficiency.

Seismic Resilience for Safety: Engineered for seismic resilience, the HH200F is capable of withstanding earthquakes, making it a safe choice for installations in seismically active regions, ensuring continuous operation and protection of investments.

Customizable Surface Treatments for Durability: The HH200F concrete tower wind turbine features customizable surface treatments that protect against environmental wear, such as corrosion and moisture damage, thereby extending the tower's lifespan and reducing maintenance needs over time.

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