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HH170 Hybrid Tower

As one of the large wind turbine manufacturers,  we provide you energy capabilities with the HH170 Industrial Wind Turbine, a powerhouse of wind energy conversion, if you are in need of large industrial use of wind energy. Designed for the demands of industrial applications, this large scale wind turbines combine cutting-edge technology with robust construction to deliver unparalleled performance. The superior blade design and advanced control systems of industrial wind turbine for sale maximize energy generation, ensuring a steady supply of clean power. The HH170 industrial wind turbine is a strategic investment in sustainability, driving forward the industrial sector's transition to renewable energy sources with efficiency and reliability.

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HH170 Concrete Wind Turbine Parameters

Hub Height120m140m150m160m170m170m200m
Height of the Concrete section116.9m110.5m110.5m156m136m136m176.4m
Height of the Steel section/26.04m40.09m/32m32m21.6m
Diameter of the Concrete Foundation7820mm8620mm8620mm8620mm12150mm10681mm13500mm

Features of HH170 Industrial Wind Turbine

Superior Load Support for Larger Turbines: The HH170 concrete wind turbine tower is engineered to support larger turbines designed by a Chinese wind turbine manufacturer. This industrial wind turbine accommodates advanced technology and higher power output demands, making it ideal for next-generation wind energy projects.

Thermal Mass Benefits for Climate Adaptability: Thanks to its concrete composition, the HH170 industrial windmill benefits from thermal mass, which helps maintain operational stability across diverse climates, from extreme heat to freezing temperatures with its industrial wind turbine generator.

Aesthetic Integration into Landscapes: The HH170 wind turbine for industrial use offers a design that can be more easily integrated into natural and urban landscapes, providing an aesthetically pleasing solution without compromising on functionality or efficiency.

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