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HH150A Hybrid Tower

The HH150A Hybrid Tower Wind Turbine stands as a beacon of modern renewable energy solutions, blending steel and concrete for unmatched strength and resilience. Its innovative hybrid design allows for greater heights, capturing stronger winds and generating more power efficiently. Tailored for diverse environments, the HH150A ensures consistent energy production with minimal environmental impact. This turbine is a key player in the transition towards a greener future, embodying cutting-edge technology for sustainable development.

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HH150A Concrete Wind Turbine Parameters

Hub Height120m140m150m160m170m170m200m
Height of the Concrete section116.9m110.5m110.5m156m136m136m176.4m
Height of the Steel section/26.04m40.09m/32m32m21.6m
Diameter of the Concrete Foundation7820mm8620mm8620mm8620mm12150mm10681mm13500mm

Features of HH150A Hybrid Tower Wind Turbine

Height and Performance: The HH150A concrete wind turbine stands at an impressive height of 150 meters, designed to maximize wind energy capture across diverse landscapes. It supports larger rotor blades, enhancing its capacity for energy generation.

Strength and Longevity: Made with superior-quality concrete, the HH150A is built to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Its sturdy construction minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, promoting dependable performance over its lifespan.

Economic Advantage: The HH150A leverages concrete, a more accessible and economical option than steel, to lower upfront investment costs. Its modular construction simplifies logistics, making it more economical to transport and erect.

Sustainability: Employing concrete, which has a smaller environmental footprint than steel, the HH150A concrete tower wind turbine contributes to a greener planet by efficiently producing clean energy. This turbine plays a crucial role in meeting global environmental targets by minimizing carbon emissions.

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