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HH160 Hybrid Tower

Discover the HH160 Hybrid Tower, a groundbreaking advancement in wind energy technology. Merging the best of both worlds, this tower of hybrid solar and wind power generation combines the durability of concrete with the flexibility of steel, reaching new heights in energy capture. Engineered for optimal performance, the HH160 solar wind energy tower excels in challenging conditions, offering a reliable and efficient solution for wind power generation. The innovative design of hybrid solar wind turbine not only enhances energy output but also paves the way for a more sustainable future.

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HH160 Concrete Wind Turbine Parameters

Hub Height120m140m150m160m170m170m200m
Height of the Concrete section116.9m110.5m110.5m156m136m136m176.4m
Height of the Steel section/26.04m40.09m/32m32m21.6m
Diameter of the Concrete Foundation7820mm8620mm8620mm8620mm12150mm10681mm13500mm

Features of HH160 Hybrid Tower

Innovative Design for Height and Efficiency: The HH160 hybrid tower concrete wind turbine tower provided by the wind turbine tower manufacturer, features an innovative design that allows for greater heights, optimizing wind capture and significantly increasing energy production efficiency.

Modular Construction for Easy Installation: The modular construction of this hydraulic wind tower facilitates easier and faster installation compared to traditional towers. This design flexibility from this hybrid solar wind generator also allows for transportation and assembly in challenging locations, enhancing project feasibility.

Vibration Damping Characteristics: Concrete’s inherent vibration damping properties contribute to the HH160 hybrid tower's operational stability, reducing wear on turbine components and extending the overall lifespan of the wind energy system.

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